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Handyman Services in Rockville

Experienced and Professional Handymen in Rockville

Handyman Service In DC is backed by a team of professionals and has more than ten years of experience. We specialize in water damage restoration, bathroom and kitchen renovation, commercial services, and more.

Your Friendly Handyman Services Partner

From the backyard to the front gate, you can rely on Handyman Service in DC if you have any handyman service requirements. Our experienced team is always there for you and works according to your convenience. No matter where in Rockville you reside, just give us a call and let the professionals take care of everything. If you are looking for handyman services in Rockville you can rely on Handyman Service In DC.

Home improvement is a major requirement for every homeowner. Plus, regular maintenance of a house means a safer living environment for you and everyone else. Just like you need to maintain your body, your precious home will ask for maintenance from time to time. The better maintained your house is, the longer it will live and the lesser troubles it will give. A local handyman near me is hired for multiple reasons. In addition to homes, even offices will need handyman services to ensure the office space is safe for work.

Handyman Rockville

Our Handyman Services Include

Water Damage Restoration 

Water damage can happen because of a broken water heater, leaking faucets, flood, and more. The reasons can be many, but water damage can lead to potentially destructive problems, which must be taken care of as soon as possible. Unattended water damage can cause electrical hazards, expensive furniture damage, etc. When the worst happens, look no further, and connect with Handyman Service In DC.

Bathroom and Kitchen

Just like any other room in your home and office, the bathroom and kitchen will need some remodeling or renovation work too. With bathroom and kitchen remodeling and renovation, the value of your house will be improved, you will have better space, and your home will become more functional. Since you use your kitchen and bathroom the most, it is prudent to keep them problem-free. Call us for handyman work in Rockville, and fix the issues. 

Commercial Services 

We provide bespoke commercial services for your commercial space. Commercial properties often require carpenters and handyman services for repairs, replacement, and building maintenance. We offer our comprehensive commercial handyman in DC services at an affordable price. We are up for any commercial service work. Whether you need door and window installation, ceiling repair, tile repair, lighting maintenance, and more, we are here. 

Residential Handyman Services

Take a look at your house, and you will see one thing or the other that will need some fixing. If you have nodded your head as a yes, then you need our residential handyman service. We are the preferred residential handyman in DC and come to your Rockville house to fix the issues. We have handled all kinds of major and minor residential work, and we can take care of everything. Your residential handyman work will be taken care of with utmost care.

Exterior and Interior Remodeling

Both the exterior and interior of your house will need remodeling work one day or the other. And when the time comes, look no further and contact Handyman Service In DC. We offer cost-effective and superior-quality home exterior and interior repair, maintenance, and remodeling service that you can count on. Whether you want to repaint the walls of your house, install new lighting, do some plumbing work, or fix the flooring, count us in.

New Construction Service 

 Your house will need more space with time as the family starts to grow. And when there is a requirement rather than buying a new home, call Handyman Service In DC to extend the space. If not that you may also call us to install new tiles and flooring. Our new construction service is ideal for residential properties that want home renovations and home additions.


Why Choose Our Handyman Service In Rockville?

From installing new furniture in your office, sink repair, and gutter cleaning to home painting, you can trust Handyman Service In DC. No job is big or small for us. Our wide range of handyman services will let you keep your property in good shape and enhance its overall value.


Wide Range of Skills

Handyman Service In DC has a team of highly qualified and efficient handymen who are always ready to work for our clients. These handymen bring the best to the table and are well-trained and experienced. No matter what the issue is, our experts have the technical knowledge and skills to resolve it.

Repair, Replacement or New Installation

At Handyman Services in DC,  we provide a wide range of handyman and property maintenance services