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Licensed Home Remodeling in Rockville

Does it seem like there’s always something at home or in your workplace that needs to be repaired but never gets addressed? Have you ever found yourself saying “I will get to it next week”, but another week passes and the problem is still there? Are you thinking of doing a repair but worried it will be too expensive? Are you so busy that small repair jobs have piled up, left unfinished?

Handyman in DC is the solution to your problem! We can take on any construction, remodeling, or repair you need.

You may find your home renovation and repairs delayed if you do not use specialists such as ourselves to get the work done. We work hard to carry out our customers vision and accommodate our customers busy schedules with flexible scheduling options and same day service!

Our group of expert handymen will offer the perfect solution for every repair, renovation or installation project you need done. We can do it all!


Our Goal is Customer Satisfaction.

From interior and exterior painting to windows and door installation and repairs, from replacing ceiling tiles to lighting maintenance, our team leaves no stones unturned in terms of offering a reliable, repair and maintenance service to all our commercial customers.

At Handyman Services in DC, we understand how busy and difficult it can get managing a commercial property, retail location, or office complex, which is the reason why our expert craftsmen have different skill levels that enable them to be technically proficient in delivering the results you desire. Not to mention the fact that our schedules are also flexible to your needs and requirements.

Whether you need simple maintenance, repairs or Rockville residential remodeling  projects, our team of handymen will put in painstaking efforts for ensuring that the job is completed on time and is done right the first time