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Handyman Services In DC , In the comfort of your home in DC, you might come across something around the house that needs to be fixed urgently. Sometimes, you do not have the time to deal with such urgent fixes which is why you need to trust highly-skilled professionals to work with you in giving amazing services in fixing these issues.

Your home might require installations, repairs, kitchen revamping, exterior fixing, and maintenance – this is where a handyman service in DC comes in “Handy”.

Although there are various handyman services in DC, let’s look at some of the common handyman services offered in DC.

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Handman in DC

Types of Handyman Services We Offer;

Interior and Exterior Painting

One of the commonest handyman services is the painting of interior and exterior walls. The fact is that painting a home can be a tough job to do – especially when there are occupants within. Property managers and homeowners tend to paint a home to increase the appreciation of the home when selling it. This is done to get a better Return on Investment (ROI) or to get better money from the sales deal.

Getting ahandyman service in DCto handle the painting of your home means you are entrusting the service in the hands of someone with the right tools to get your home revamped. Tools used by handyman services include paint rollers, furniture covers, drop cloths, tapes, and even ladder.

Drywall Installation

When it comes to the installation of new drywall during your home remodeling (or after water damage), it is best you get the services of a handyman. They are more equipped for the installation of a drywall or water damage remediation job which could involve measuring, cutting, and proper installation of drywall boards

Smart Home Upgrading

There is a possibility that your smart devices need upgrading. All you need to do is call the service of a skilled handyman to handle the upgrading of your smart devices like thermostats, sensors, and alarms (and doorbells). Ensure you are certain that the handyman you choose is certified to handle such upgrades and they are familiar with the particular brand or product being upgraded.

Replacement of Home Fixtures

Home fixtures like cabinets, kitchen faucets, and lighting systems can either wear out or break-down due to regular usage. Although many home fixtures can be replaced using the DIY (Do-it-yourself) method, it is always safer to employ the services of a professional to handle the replacement. Although most home fixtures do not require a license to get fixed, some require a specialized license such as fixing or replacing faucets and lighting systems.

Window Repair

Handyman services in DC can help provide necessary repair for your window for a small charge. This could range from cleaning broken glass, replacing the window frame, and repairing the window. However, if it involves a non-standard size window, you should call a specialist to handle the repairs or replacement.

Installation of Tiles

The installation of tiles has more to it than meets the eyes. It is more than laying down the adhesive, smoothing it, and inserting the tiles. A handyman has to measure the floor correctly to cut the tiles to the right size, avoid wasted spaces and crooked layouts, and seal water-absorbent tiles to avoid them soaking moisture. Handymen and professionals are well equipped with the right tools to ensure your tiles are properly installed.

Power Washing

When it comes to keeping the exterior of the home maintained (sidewalks, exterior walls, garage, roofs, and driveways), power washing can be done to remove dirt and debris in such areas. Not all handyman services have the right tools to carry out this function, basically because the tools or equipment (a high-grade water compressor) can be very expensive and require lots of maintenance. Getting the right professional with the right tools to handle this would make the exterior of your home look exquisite.

  • One thing is sure, the word “Handyman” covers a wide range of services offered by professionals. It, therefore, means that for any handyman service in DC, you should verify with them what services they offer and what services they are qualified to handle. Do you need your DC home to be at its best? Then get qualified, professional, and certified handymen with the right tools to get your home the desired look

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Handyman Services in DC is licensed, bonded and insured general contractor in DC & MD for residential and commercial.

Handyman Services in DC is a full-service home repair, improvement, maintenance and water damage services company.

We can give you an estimate for a complete project, or we can work by an hourly rate.

To reschedule, you can email us, or you can just give us a call

Bracha Levi
Bracha Levi
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Best handyman in DC. I’m very happy that I chose handyman services in DC to renovate my master bathroom. They did a great job, always on time, and they kept my house clean all the time. Definitely recommended!
Jonathan Brown
Jonathan Brown
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I used Handyman in DC to replace our facia board. James came out and did a great job. Friendly and skilled handyman. I am very happy with the work and would use them for other jobs.
Justin Jackson
Justin Jackson
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I moved to a new house, and it was all dirty and disgusting… especially the floor. So, I tried to find someone who would take care of that for me. I am truly happy that handyman in dc assisted me, because now my floor looks amazing. They replaced it way faster than normal, and you’d think the job wouldn’t be so well, but in the end, my floor looked great… you would even think they had to spend days on it.
Joshua Sutherland
Joshua Sutherland
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I had a broken storm door that needs to be replaced. The handyman they sent was skillful and efficient. He completed the job faster than I expected. great company.

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