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Brief list of home improvement FAQs

Question: Can i paint over a concrete?

ANSWER:  Yes, of course, you can! To effectively paint over concrete, you must take these simple steps:

  1. The concrete must be cleaned from dirt, grease, and/or oil.
  2. The old paint has to strip. If it is interior concrete, it’s a good idea also to seal the concrete. Interior sealing is essential to preventing moisture from seeping in and preventing mold development.
  3. The concrete must be primed.
  4. Masonry paint is a great choice, especially for outdoor concrete, since they block off moisture penetration.

Question: How long does it take to get an estimate?

ANSWER: Our company will do its best to send you an estimate within 24 hours. With larger projects receiving an estimate might take a little longer as there are more factors to consider and more work that has to go into producing the estimate. We prioritize quick customer service and will ensure to send you an estimate as quickly as possible.

Question: Will you look at a house that i'm thinking to buy?

ANSWER: We will be glad to help you look at a house before you purchase it! In this case, we will charge a small fee for looking at the house, and at the event that the customer does purchase the house and chooses to work with us, the fee will be deducted from the final price of the job.

Question: Are you Insured?

ANSWER: Our company is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured home improvement contractor valid in DC and Maryland. Additionally, our company is an IICRC-certified water damage and mold remediation company.

Question: Will I receive a time frame for the job?

ANSWER: As part of your estimate, you will receive a time frame. The time frame is not set and might be altered due to outside factors such as the weather. We know having work done at your home can be frustrating, so we do our absolute best to stick to the time frame and get the work done in the fastest manner possible while also ensuring quality service.

Question: Will there be a big mess at my house during work?

ANSWER: As with any construction project, there is bound to be some mess. However, we take every measure necessary to ensure none of your belongings are damaged. We use protective covers to ensure belongings such as furniture, wall decorations, and flooring are left untouched. At the end of the job, we will also ensure to leave the property thoroughly cleaned and looking brand new! No mess or dirt will be left behind.

Repair, Replacement or New Installation

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