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Why Remodel Your Unfinished Basement?

Basement remodel in Washington DC can be a serious task for any home remodeling project, but it comes with the added welcome touch to your living space. Having an extra room for a home gym, workshop, game room, or recreation room can give you great satisfaction- instead of leaving an unfinished basement as is.

For those of you who have an unfinished basement and want to brighten this up, our remodeling company will be glad to help.

For the past few decades, the Washington DC metro area has been experiencing a population boom. This means many homes are being built and occupied. One mistake that some homeowners make is to leave their dark and musty unfinished basements as is for years on end. Sure, it’s easier to leave them as they are and be done with it. However, there is a better way of taking care of the matter – by turning your unfinished basement into an amazing finished basement.

When your basement lacks natural light, then you know that there’s plenty of opportunity for creative flair with flooring, paint colors, cabinets & counters, new lighting fixtures, and appliances like wet bars and mini-fridges which will become very practical and popular additions to the space.

With so many colors and options available to you, our team is sure to provide you with something you’ll love. The right design will add comfort and appeal to your home while increasing its value.

We understand that this is a big decision for most homeowners; we also believe that we can help make it easier by working closely together with you from start to finish.

On average, remodeling basements projects increase the value of a home by around 90% of what they cost So, you can rest assured that the value of your home goes up quite a bit, and by working with us you will be able to make better decisions.

basement remodeling dc
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Unfinished Basements: Not Just For Storage

Having an unfinished finished basement could be good for reasons such as extra rooms for kids or guests, media rooms and other types of recreation areas, workout rooms, and much more. You can create the ideal workout room in your basement if you choose to leave certain walls exposed so that they stay strong and sturdy.

A large number of people use their basement for storage- this is just a fact. However, we’re here to help you bring creativity and charm back into your space by finishing it off right.

Our company is here to assist you in all ways possible. You can enjoy peace of mind when working with us because we won’t stop until you’re satisfied! We will provide outstanding job and plenty of custom ideas and designs for any homeowner wishing to make the most out of their floor plan- including those who want to finish off their basements in order to increase the value of their homes.

There is a lot of potentials held by your dream basement, but coming up with the best way to utilize this new living space and all the potentials that comes with it can be a daunting task. It involves a lot of time and money to achieve the desired outcome.

The major reasons for basement remodel include:

  • The addition of a usable full bathroom, guest room, home office, or any other new living space to your home
  • Good Return on Investment
  • More storage space
  • Reduces the risk of mold growth
  • Adds square footage to the home

You can decide to create a finished basement to relax, play, cool off, family entertainment area, and even for fitness. You could as well include the extra space for your guests as an extra bedroom. There are endless possibilities with a remodeling basement. This translates to value added to the home for homeowners and great value for potential buyers.

Our team is here to help you bring your basement to life, no matter what you choose to do with it. We are experts at finishing off basements, maximizing space, and adding that extra flair of personality. Your basement can be transformed into a place you’ll love to spend time in, day after day!

Thinking about basement remodeling in DC?

Regardless if you thinking to renovate part or your whole basement, Handyman Services in DC is here for you

Basement Remodeling DC

What Should Be Included When Remodeling Your Basement?

Once you have decided to get started with your basement remodeling project, the first thing to do is to determine what you want the finished basement to be used for. Are you looking at making it your family entertainment area, a home office setting for your work, or a multi-functional area with a kitchen, a full bathroom, and a bedroom? Once you have a clear idea of what you want the finished basement to look like, it will be easier for us as professional basement remodelers to determine what should be included in your renovation plan.

The first step is to provide the best waterproofing system that requires removing all wet and damp materials from the basement. It is essential because even a small amount of moisture can lead to major problems with mold growth and structural damages. Basement waterproofing also involves making sure there are no leaky pipes or cracks around the floor’s perimeter, which might destabilize the structure if not repaired properly.

Once moisture issues have been resolved, one of our remodeling experts will come over for an on-site evaluation. In order to create a room layout for your basement, we will measure the entire area. Our fully licensed and insured construction experts are equipped with state-of-the-art tools to make sure your basement is measured accurately.

One of the benefits of using our services is that you can enjoy peace of mind when working with us because we won’t stop until you’re satisfied!

The next stage is to determine what should be included in your basement remodel. Now let’s take a look at the steps for a proper basement remodel:

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Rita Smith
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Steps in Basement Remodeling Washington DC

Appraisal / inspection

First and foremost, in basement remodeling, you should get an appraisal. An appraisal simply allows you to know the amount that would be needed for the basement remodeling and how it relates to the return upon sale.

Furthermore, carrying out an inspection will help you determine the level of work and the kind of work to be done in the basement. A proper inspection should point you to aspects of the basement that might need repairs, or that are rotting, or experiencing moisture issues.

Designs and layouts

At this point, you should determine your goals for the basement and determine the things you want in it. You also need to consider where the doors would be, the walls, where to place the plumbing drains and fixtures, and finally, outlets for your devices.

Look for basement remodeling contractors

Once you have gotten all the necessary information needed – time, budget, and cost you need to find professional basement contractors who can carry out the remodeling work. You should look for a licensed and insured contractor with experience in basement construction. That way you can be sure that you are in safe hands when it comes to this kind of work.

Get the necessary permits

You will need to get all the proper building and electrical permits for your basement remodeling project. A permit allows an inspector to inspect your work during construction, which they cannot do without a permit. This helps you guarantee that the job was done right!

Framing and Insulation

This involves installing studs along with headers for doors not only to create space but also to add stability to your room layout plan.

In a basement remodeling project, insulation is usually provided to protect the house from heat loss and keep it well insulated. In this step, we will install insulation in your basement to prevent heat loss which can cause significant energy bills.


This becomes important when you want to include a kitchen, a full or half bath, or a laundry room in the basement remodel project. The fact is that inserting or installing plumbing in the basement is more complex and depends on the structure of your sewage pipes.

If, in the case that the sewage pipe system is above your basement, you may need to install an up-flushing system or sewage ejector. Finally, you should seek the help of a certified professional plumber.


As mentioned earlier, this portion should only be handled by professionals. Allow them to properly set up electrical wiring that suits your home’s layout plan and also provide sufficient power supply for all rooms in the basement after remodeling.

Walls Installation

In order to create your basement finishing, you should decide what kind of walls you would like in it. In a walk-out basement, the most common wall choice is drywall. This type of wall does not require too much work and can be easily installed or removed if need be.

Choose Your Flooring

There is a high probability that your basement at its unfinished stage would contain concrete flooring. Avoid using hardwood for the basement. The major reason for this is that hardwood is not cost-effective and it’s not waterproof; as you know, the basement is the most vulnerable area to flooding and water damage.

Variety of flooring materials to choose from

The choice of flooring in a basement is always an important decision, indeed. You have to consider the room’s size and also the kind of use it will get. If you want your walk-out basement to be a gym space or a playroom for kids, then, go for resilient flooring that can withstand wet conditions and provide ample cushioning.

The type of material you choose for this purpose is ultimately up to your personal preference and the kind of use the basement space will get.

Other than that, it depends on how much budget you want to allocate for this portion of the remodeling work. The costlier options include tile a while affordable choices include laminate, vinyl flooring, or carpeting.


You should choose ventilation that is suitable for the use of your walk-out space. There are several types of ventilation systems available today which you can consider once you have finalized your basement’s layout plan

The most effective way to keep the air fresh and clean in your basement is to install a ventilation system. This will ensure that there isn’t too much humidity present which can cause mold growth.

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Basement Remodeling - Final Touch

Once all the major structural work has been completed in your basement remodel project then you have an extensive list of possible final touches that may require such as:


It is important to paint the walls and other surfaces in your basement. Proper painting and priming of the walls and floors will help keep them protected from moisture damage. You can choose any color to decorate the interior of your new basement.


The most important part of any home remodeling project is lighting. You have to ensure that it matches your requirements and the room’s size. If possible, talk to an expert for this purpose because they will be able to suggest to you some options which might work well for your needs.

When it comes to underground spaces, built-in lighting is a must; not just the table lamps and the floor lamps. You should add light fixtures even when you are considering using natural light. When it comes to lighting basements with lower ceilings, recessed lighting is the best. This can be placed 3 feet away from the walls (to ensure you avoid creating a corner shadow).

Furniture and Decor:

Your basement remodel is not complete until you have chosen the furniture for it. A basement can become a space for you to relax, watch television or entertain guests. You have to decide the style of furniture that suits your taste and preferences. If you are using your new basement as an entertainment hub then go for stylistic chairs with modern designs.

Getting great design and furniture could give your new basement a whole new look. Although there are top-class furniture and decors, you might want to look at options that can get your finished basement looking great while still keeping expenditure and cost at their barest minimum.

Basements are now not just used as storage rooms but they’re also used as playrooms, living spaces, entertainment hubs, etc. So it is important to choose something which will blend well with your requirements and the layout plan of the room.

In conclusion, getting set for your basement remodeling can be hectic, but we have laid down the needed steps to ensure you bring your basement to life

Now that you have a good idea about how a basement remodel project is done, get in touch with us for an initial consultation and professional assistance from Handyman Services in DC. We have been serving homeowners and business clients from all over the Washington DC area with best-in-class installation, home repair, and maintenance services for more than a decade now. Being a family-owned company, we understand our customers’ requirements and offer customized solutions so as to perfectly fit their needs.

At our company, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality basement remodeling in Washington DC at an unbeatable price! When it comes to getting value for your money, we deliver as no one else can!

For more information on our contracting services or to schedule an appointment, contact us at 202-792-2550 or contact us by filling our contact form.

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