Six Surprising Jobs That A Handyman Can Help You With!

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Six Surprising Jobs That A Handyman Can Help You With!

As a homeowner, you likely have a long list of home improvement projects. But beware: the longer the list, the more complicated–and therefore expensive–the job is going to be. Fortunately, there are lots of tasks that a handyman can do with ease and efficiency! Here are six great jobs for your local handyman in Washington DC.

Hang That Heavy Mirror

It’s one of those seemingly straightforward tasks that homeowners often end up struggling with–and if they’re not careful or skilled enough, they risk hurting themselves or even damaging their walls when hanging heavy mirrors. Instead, hire a licensed and insured handyman to fix it in no time!

Repair That Crack In Your Wall

That crack in your wall doesn’t look like it’ll turn into a huge problem any time soon. But over time, it could lead to bigger problems with your house’s structure or foundation, not to mention potential water damage if water seeps behind the drywall. Before the problem gets any worse, call your local handyman.

Unrepaired wall cracks can lead to serious problems with your walls such as water damage, mold, and structural damage. Save yourself the headache down the line by having that small crack fixed now!

Fix Loose Handrails On Your Stairs

You trip over it almost every time you run upstairs to get something, but you don’t address it because you’re sure that in a few months or maybe even weeks it’ll come loose and fall off–and then you can finally fix the darn thing. Don’t procrastinate any longer; contact your local handyman today!

A loose handrail is a major tripping hazard and could lead to serious injury to homeowners or their families.

Clean Out Your Gutters

You keep thinking, “I’ll get on that tomorrow,” but when “tomorrow” comes around you find yourself saying the same thing. Looking up at your gutters, it’s easy to see why–those things are disgusting! They’re caked with years of decaying leaves and dirt. But if water can no longer flow freely off your roof during rainy seasons, there could be major problems down the line. A professional handyman can clean out your gutters in no time while also checking for any damage or blockages.

An overflowing gutter is not only an eyesore but a potential safety hazard as well!

Need A Handyman in DC?

Replace Your Showerhead

The shower in your main bathroom is a little lackluster, and you’ve been meaning to replace the old showerhead for months now–but it never seems to be a high priority compared to all of those other home improvement projects on your list. Whether you want better water pressure or more luxurious features like multiple heads, don’t put off replacing that outdated, damaged showerhead any longer!

Not only will a new shower head improve the look of your bathroom but it can also increase your water pressure which can save you money from having to use less hot water during showers.

Install New Flooring

Whether you want to replace your old carpet with hardwood floors or simply install your first-ever area rug, a local handyman can help. The process of laying down new flooring is not only time-consuming but also requires precise measurements and proper knowledge of flooring types. You don’t want to end up with damaged floorboards or an ugly-looking room! Hire a handyman who knows what they’re doing to get the job done quickly and correctly.

Flooring options are vast even within Washington DC so it’s important to hire a skilled handyman with prior experience in order to ensure maximum satisfaction for this home improvement project!

Hiring someone else to take care of these home improvement tasks can be a lifesaver for homeowners who are short on time or don’t have experience in these areas. Don’t put off your home projects any longer, contact your local handyman today!

Look For a Skilled Local Handyman

A skilled handyman can help you with much more than these six tasks as mentioned above, they can also help you with repairs around the house or doing miscellaneous jobs that they are experienced in such as painting, drywall installation, home repair, plumbing, minor electrical work, etc.

  •  You can ask friends or family if they know someone that does handyman jobs
  • Try searching online for “handyman near me” to find the nearest contractor

Useful Handyman Tips:

  • Know what you need to be done before calling a handyman company
  • Get everything written down in an agreement and signed by the contractor before work begins if it isn’t already included in your contract.
  • Go over the details of the project with your contractor to avoid any misunderstandings or complications down the line.
  • Ask for references to find out how well past customers have been satisfied.


Finding a company can be difficult and time-consuming so we encourage you to take the first step and begin your search today! If you’re looking for a local handyman in Washington DC, don’t delay any longer and contact us. We offer free estimates on all of our handyman services and guarantee satisfaction after every job. Our team has years of experience and will make sure that your home improvement tasks get done right while also making sure that they are completed on time.

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