Getting The Most Out Of Your Bathroom Remodel

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Knowing the budget and expectations is essential before starting any renovation project. A bathroom remodeling average cost can be anywhere between $5K to $90K—and this last figure includes a large project with expensive materials such as marble or granite countertops plus other luxuries that you may not need at all in your new bath renovations like DVD players hidden inside cabinets!

If you plan to renovate your bathroom on a budget, here are some tips to help you get more out of your renovation investment.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Bathroom Remodel

1. Quality Materials Matter

You will want to use the best quality materials for your bathroom remodeling, but you should remember that there are different qualities for different products, even if they are selling under the same brand name. For example, you can find two types of shower faucets by one manufacturer—one with ceramic discs and another with brass.

The only difference is the cost of each—the former costs $250 and the latter $75. However, the more expensive one is made of quality parts that will last for years without fail, while its cheaper counterpart can give you problems in just months. You should also remember to use showerheads with non-corrosive material for the showerhead itself.

2. Think About Eco-Friendly Alternatives

You can give your living space a new look by replacing some fixtures with more efficient, energy-saving ones—low-flow faucets that use less than 2 gallons of water per minute. Dual-flush toilets allow you to choose between using one or two gallons of water by pressing the handle. Some dual-flush toilets can use as little as 0.8 gallons per flush (GPF), which is well within the EPA guidelines for water consumption.

Another option is to use aerators or restrictors that limit water flow through your faucets and showerheads by 30 percent without impacting the performance or appearance of these fixtures.

3. Make Things Fun

Most homeowners will choose to remodel the new space and maintain modern standards. If you find it boring, you can give your bathroom an injection of fun by adding some drama with exciting colors, patterns, or textures—for example; you can build a freestanding tub in the center of the room and surround it with tiles that come in interesting patterns or colors.

You can also consider installing a skylight above the tub to bask under a blue sky while taking a relaxing bath—make sure you don’t select an extractor fan that is too powerful because it may cause excessive wind noise. Another fun feature to add is a waterfall faucet that releases water from the center of the spout.

4. Eco-Friendly Materials For Your Home Remodeling Project

You can make your bathroom remodeling project more fun and exciting by using natural stone for the tub deck or surround, floor tiles, walls, and countertops. You can save even more money using recycled glass tiles because they are cheaper than ceramic ones while also boasting brilliant colors and vivid patterns. Recycled glass tiles are made by melting down broken tiles and other recycled glass materials.

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5. Add Storage Space

If you don’t like to keep your bathroom cluttered, you should consider adding built-in or freestanding cabinets with shelves or drawers for additional storage space. There are also mirrored cabinets that create the illusion of more space by reflecting light in all directions.

You can even opt for a wall-hung sink or a pedestal tub to make more space for cabinets and shelves. Another great idea is to use floor-to-ceiling cabinets with glass or mirrored doors and complement them with a wall mirror.

6. Get Enough Ventilation

In addition to being one of the most important contributors to indoor air quality, good ventilation is also necessary for those with respiratory problems as it can reduce or prevent congestion—and this will keep you healthier during the cold season. There are several ventilation options you can consider—spot exhaust fans, whole-house fans, solar-powered attic fans, or power ventilators.

If you want to use solar-powered attic fans, for example, you should install them throughout the roof so that they can draw warm air out of your house during summer. You should also replace old or inefficient bathroom exhaust fans with new ones that are powerful enough to reduce humidity in the room by 50 percent—the minimum requirement for optimal health.

7. Get Expert Advice From a Local Bathroom Remodeler

It’s always good to get expert advice from a home remodeling company when planning your bathroom remodel project. You can hire a general contractor to help you decide on materials, plan the layout, get permits, and do all of the construction processes.

The contractor will also help you save money because he can source products at wholesale prices—which you may not be able to do on your own. This is why looking for a reliable general contractor with experience working with homeowners on home renovation projects in your area is imperative. Interior designers can also help you plan your bath remodeling

8. Add Lighting

You can also add lighting to make your bathroom remodeling less expensive. For example, you can install small recessed fixtures under the cabinet or along with the countertop to provide task lighting for this area. If your bathroom doesn’t have windows, it’s a good idea to install ceiling fans with integrated lights because they are less expensive and easier to install than a separate fan and light fixtures—and they last longer too.

9. Use eco-Friendly Paint

Sealers and paints from the green market are formulated with fewer or no VOCs, making them safer for your health and better for the environment because they don’t emit toxic chemicals into the air when drying. These products also let hard surfaces such as tile and stone retain their natural color, providing a warm and pleasant atmosphere in your bathroom.

10. Consider Installation Costs

You should also remember to consider installation costs—which are separate from material costs – when planning your budget. This includes not only plumbing fixtures but electrical equipment as well. If your bathroom doesn’t have a shower but want to install one, for example, it’s better to go with a prefabricated unit because it’ll be cheaper than having one custom-made and installed. The same applies to other fixtures and fittings, such as sinks, tubs, and toilets.

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11. Stay Within Your Budget

It’s always important to stay within your budget—and if you are not sure which way to go with the layout, materials, fixtures, paint colors, and textures, you should always opt for the simplest, least expensive option, This will let you update your bathroom without increasing your financial burden..

12. Be Open to Changes

You should be flexible while working on your bathroom remodel project because there may be unexpected problems during the process that can affect your layout or plans for fixtures, tiles, or other materials. It’s always good to have options that are easy to change if necessary. So if your plans change, it’ll be easier for you to adapt and carry on.

13. Trust Your Instincts

You should also trust your instincts while working on your bathroom renovation project because this is the place where you will be spending a lot of time so you want it to feel comfortable and inviting every time you go in there. It’s always good to design the bathroom yourself instead of hiring someone else to do this for you because you will be the one using it.

14. Keep Your Bathroom Cleaning in Mind

When choosing a design, keep in mind that bathrooms are used by everyone in your household so it’s important to choose tiles, fixtures, and other materials that are easy to clean or maintain. It’s also a good idea to avoid designs with too many small elements that can be difficult to clean and maintain.

15. Choose Fixtures Carefully

In addition, you should choose the fixtures carefully before choosing the layout because there may be a limited number of wall outlets and a certain type of lighting that is suitable for your bathroom size and design. This way you can avoid getting stuck with fixtures that won’t work well in your new layout.

16. Be Creative

It’s always good to get creative when planning your bathroom renovation project because you want it to feel special and inviting every time you go in there. For example, you can put a mirror on the wall instead of the cabinet door so that it doubles as storage space for personal items such as towels or cosmetics. You can also use baskets or other containers to store toiletries instead of cabinets.

17. Get Inspired By Remodeled Bathrooms

It’s also a good idea to get inspired by other bathroom renovation projects that you can find in magazines, on TV, or online. You can get ideas for your own project by talking to people who have just completed their own renovation, checking out inspiration boards on Pinterest or Houzz, or simply browsing the web to see what other people are doing.

By getting inspired, you will find new ideas that may inspire you to redesign your bathroom.

18. Make The Most Out Of Your Bathtub

If you have a small bathroom, you can make the most out of your bathtub by using it as a focal point and arranging the other components around it or next to it. This way, it won’t seem like an obstacle in the room and will instead become an important part of your bathroom design.

19. Add Character To Your Bathroom

It’s also a good idea to add some character and personality to your bathroom renovation project by giving it a theme, such as a beach or a forest, for example. It’s not necessary to use all the components of this theme in your bathroom but you can choose several items that will help you create the right atmosphere.

20. Get Rid of The Clutter

Finally, you should get rid of the clutter in your bathroom to create a relaxing feel that will make this room more inviting. You can do this by removing all unnecessary items and finding new homes for them or simply getting rid of them altogether. This way, you will have enough storage space for everything that is important to you.

21. Take Your Time

Last but not least, you should take your time before starting your bathroom renovation project because this can help you avoid costly mistakes that could set the whole process back—plus, it’s good for the environment if you use materials efficiently and recycle what you don’t need.


The bathroom is probably the place in your home where you use it every single day so it’s important to design it in a way that will help you feel comfortable and relaxed when you go in there. It doesn’t matter how big or small your bathroom may be, these 21 tips can benefit you in any case. And don’t forget that planning is the most important step in this process so before you do anything else, think carefully about what your bathroom needs and how you want it to look. The more time you invest in coming up with a plan before starting your remodeling project, the better—and easier—it will be for you.

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